Miriam Drnakova - designer







I am passionate about preserving pattern cutting, garment making and craftsmanship skills as well as promoting sustainability in fashion.

I continue to be interested in teaching, and passing on traditional skills.

I am the founder and designer of The Settler Company 

and co-creator of North End Gardens.

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The Settler Company - Handcrafted  in Norfolk, UK

The Settler Company was born in 2018 in New Zealand

and it's currently growing in North End Gardens, in Norfolk, UK.

The garments are beautifully and individually made to order.

The clothes respect our environment and are designed to last.

All fabrics are GOTS certified (Global Organic Textile Standard)

and sourced from Europe.

The Settler Company is transparent about what it does, it is a slow fashion sustainable brand and if you want to see what  that means

please read more here.



North End Gardens, Norfolk UK

The gardens are being renovated to provide kitchen and flower gardens, an orchard and a large meadow/wildlife area. This involves a substantial designing and planting programme as well as some hard landscaping and will take a few years to complete. Our ( Miriam's & Mark's ) vision is for the garden to help us reduce our environmental impact and support local wildlife.


  • Miriam Drnakova LinkedIn
  • Miriam Drnakova Twitter
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